Planning a Yarra River Wine Tour (Victoria, Australia)

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Are you thinking about going on a Yarra river wine tour? Whether it’s your first visit or you are a seasoned wine taster, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These include:

It’s always good to book in advance

You should keep in mind that wineries have a limited availability. Leaving everything on the last minute can be disappointing, especially if you don’t get a chance to go wine tasting. During peak seasons it’s good to book at least two to three weeks in advance.


Make sure you book the early hour tours

The reason for doing so is simple. If you want to enjoy your wine tasting tour and make it an experience to remember, make sure you get an early start. This holds true for weekends. This is the time when there is a great deal of rush and you may not get to enjoy the tour as much as you had anticipated.


Should you spit or swallow?

That is actually completely up to you. However, swallowing is usually in better taste. Even if you don’t enjoy the flavour it’s polite to swallow the wine. If you do plan on spitting it out make sure you use the spittoons kept especially for this purpose. If you don’t particularly enjoy a wine there’s no reason to finish it all. However if you enjoy it and plan on tasting every glass that is offered, make sure you pace yourself in order to avoid getting high.


Sign up with a small group

The best part about wine tasting with a group is that you get to meet other wine enthusiasts and spend some quality time with them. After all wine tasting is a great deal more fun when done in groups. So make sure you plan the Yarra river wine tour in advance.


Squeeze in lunch

If you have planned an all day winery tour make sure to squeeze lunch or dinner in between. It’s always better to have your stomach lined with food to prepare it for all that wine you are about to taste. Some tours even offer a mid day meal to help make your experience all the more enjoyable. For more information on great ocean road tours, click here.


Know your budget

If you are on a budget a wine tasting tour might seem pretty expensive. However, don’t be disheartened. If you plan ahead you may end up getting a discount, especially if you book early.


Wine tasting with the family

Though not all wineries allow children, there are a few which are, kid friendly. They even host events centred on the family to make wine tasting fun for everyone. Even the kids get to taste the grape juice.


Buy or not buy

That again depends upon you. If you plan to travel back by an airplane then it may not be advisable to purchase a bottle. However if you are a connoisseur then nothing should stop you from buying a bottle or two. Most people get bottle packaged with special wrapping to allow for easy travelling.

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